Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lancaster Texas Takes A Direct Hit With Huge Hailstones And Strong Winds.


For some, the storms served as a frightening reminder of the damage the weather can do here in North Texas.
It's been nearly a year since tornadoes tore a destructive path through several cities.
Lancaster residents said the pounding hail Saturday morning made it tough not to panic.
When Margaret Wooden looked out of her window, she saw hail flooding the streets and front yards.
Wooden thought it could be a tornado roaring through her Lancaster subdivision much like last year.
Her neighbor Alisha Simmons thought the same thing. Her husband went into a panic.
Saturday's inclement weather stripped leaves off of trees, covered the grass with hail and knocked out power to residents.
Barely a blip on the radar when compared to last year's EF-2 tornado on April 3rd that left a seven mile path of destruction.

Many of the people hardest hit are still struggling to rebuild.
One resident said houses in the neighborhood have not been fixed from last year's vicious storm.
Despite all of the damage, not one person died.

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